Anglesey Track Photos 19-04-03

Photos now up at for anyone who is interested, there were a few lotus’

DaveJust looked at your site - good stuff ;DWho was the organiser of today’s event at Oulton? Is the guy driving the Murceliego the “elderly” chap who used to drive an NSX & latterly an F355?

Hi,todays event at Oulton was by which is all done in conjunction with Warrender cars.The old gent with the 355 is Derek, the Lambo is owned by somebody else. It was a fantastic sight to see though, and sounded fantastic.Thanks for the comments about the site [image][/image]CheersDave[This message has been edited by Dave_A (edited 23 April 2003).]

DaveYeah, Derek is a star - & not only cos he makes me look young!!!I know the guys at Warrender & Track Action, & have done a couple of their days at Oulton. If we’re both at a future day at Oulton, it would be great to say hello, & perhaps swap passenger rides [image][/image]