Anglesey this Saturday

Anyone on here going down the night before?Cheers

Hi Russ,Who is running it on the 29th at Anglesey Who’s going?My dads on holiday but if the weather is nice I may come over for a look.Steve.

Hi Steve,Lotus Ribble Valley are running the day, they do two a year at �99. Good day out with a big variety of cars. If you fancy a thrash, call Mike Hill on 01254 876777 - I imagine he can fit a couple more in.

SteveWhy not book the M3 on? I’m sure that your dad wouldn’t mind!!!*** [image][/image]

Pesky,Not possible mate, He’s only gone on holiday in the M3!!.so I will have to try and find the keys for the Exige to have a play in that, Woo hoo! Steve.

Mmmmmm…Chinky Beer !!

quote:Originally posted by RobS:Mmmmmm…Chinky Beer !!ROFLMAO [image][/image]

I have been back since, and they obviously did not recognise me [image][/image]

Thats ok then, we will all be able to go there again and sample some more chinky beers! hopefully this summer perhaps.By the way, who’s going on 29th?

quote:Originally posted by RussT:I have been back since, and they obviously did not recognise me [image][/image]I think they did - judging by the number of your visits to the little boys room the next day at the circuit [image][/image]They didn’t seem too impressed either, by your efforts to make the lazy suzy imitate a crash landing helicopter, whilst you sang “Kung fu dancing” [image][/image]