Anglesey Sunday 20th Jan

OK, I’m confirmed, as is Giles.Forecast : Overcast but not raining (unlike Saturday)Who else is going to confirm ? [image][/image]With only 12 cars (booked + provisional) it’s going to a pretty clear track !GET SIGNED UP !

Oooooh, you’re sooooo masterful [image][/image]Sorted, & look forward to seeing you guys there [image][/image]

I’ll be there in my Elise (staying over from saturday) but I may not be driving. However fottage services will be available. :slight_smile:

Typical eh ? Forecast for Saturday is bright, and rain for Sunday…

You can never tell with Anglesey. I’ve driven the 340R through hideous weather in Wales then crossed the Menai Straights into brilliant sunshine. Then after a nice warm trackday there was another grim drive back. :-)Actually if it’s raining there’s probably rather more chance that I’ll get on track since I’ve got my winter tyres on and they grip really well in the wet [image][/image]

NOTE for all those going:The nearest Super Unleaded petrol station is 18 miles away in Bangor… so you’ll need to make your fuel last til lunchtime, then go out for it then… 40 mile round trip, yikes.

SUPER UNLEADEDCopied from Bookatrack’s site:if you leave the A55 just before the circuit towards Llangefni, there’s at least one place in the Llangefni 1-way system that sells SUL.J5A somewhat shorter trip than that to Bangor.CU there [image][/image]

You just know I’m going to get lost finding it…One way systems – eeek

there is a shell service station at gaerwyn 1 exit before the circuit exit about 11 miles from the circuit you used to pass it before the new by pass openedJohnC

JohnGaerwen garage - does it sell Optimax, please?

Good to meet up with Pesky et al yesterday.What a day eh ?The weather was horrendous when we arrived at 9:30am, high winds, torrential rain… it wasn’t looking promising…The track is a lot tighter and twistier than Donington, some people in Imprezas etc have complained the track only suits Caterhams etc, but I didn’t have any problems with the even bulkier Skyline… quite the contrary !Once I’d found my lines, and got some pace things were buzzing, and then the sun came out - yay !After lunch the track was practically bone dry… There are a couple of corners (Radar + Hairpin) that have enough run-off that you can try a bit of silliness and get away with it if you get it wrong… by the end of the day, I was chucking the car in to the complexes and getting the back end swinging out.Thanks to Pesky for giving my friend a ride around… in fact, that was an excellent tear-up around the track with us in close range.If anyone gets the chance, go to Anglesey, it’s a real treat and the view is excellent !

Twas good to see you (& Giles & Niall) again [image][/image]Damn quick, that Skylight of yours - whereas you were hitting 115mph down the main straight, I was only managing 100+, albeit plus passenger. What I couldn’t believe about your car, was the way you could induce massive oversteer on the tighter corners, & with only a bit of opposite lock, avoid spinning off into the distance! Consumate skill I must say - at any rate for the programmers of the car’s computer system [image][/image]I too enjoyed our laps in convoy [image][/image]

Yep, good to see you and Mr Admin5 too.Sorry not to have had the chance to say goodbye, left not long after Giles while you were all enjoying the sunshine.See you soon.Niall

For those interested, here’s a piccy of Pesky and I chasing around[image][/image]