Anglesey - School

School corner at Anglesey, the one at the bottom of the main straight that looks like you’ll go into the sea if you fluff it up.I’ve pretty much got the line OK but entry speed is a different matter. One guy I spoke to who drove a standard Elise in sprints (he was leading the series as well) reckoned he could go in at about 85 and then slow down up the hill as he went round it. I’ve only managed about 65 / 70 and maintained the speed until it really tightens up. Any suggestions?

I was approaching this at c. 110 MPH in 4th, dabbing the brakes, dropping to third, and turning in somewhere in the region of 90 MPH (I confess that looking at my speedo is not at the top of my list of priorities when turning into School at that sort of speed!). From memory I was then maintaining a balanced throttle until just after the second apex, and then forming a straight line to the outside of the next corner and nailing the brakes as soon as the car was straight, followed by trail braking in to the next corner to bring the back of the car round a bit (to kill the understeer). Russ, as you were doing more or less exactly the same, would you care to correct anything that I�ve remembered incorrectly! [image][/image]

Well, I feel that 90 into school is basically for girls. [image][/image]Seriously though, I have never looked at the speedo turning into school, but I would go with Tony’s assessment, mainly because we drive virtually the same lap at Anglesey. However, I keep having a mental bet with myself that an Exige could go round without touching the brakes at the end of the straight (but with a lift). Unfortunately, I have neither the b*lls to try it, nor the cash to repair my car should I be wrong. [image][/image] [This message has been edited by RussT (edited 03 October 2001).]

p.s. - the hardest thing about a high speed thru School, IMHO, is the lack of a braking area before the right hander at the top of the hill. If you lift, or worse brake, whilst still turning the wheel , you are in the poo. Are’nt you Pesky [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image][This message has been edited by RussT (edited 03 October 2001).]

Er…yep [image][/image]You bar steward, for reminding me [image][/image]

Hmm, Exiges at school…[This message has been edited by Jimbo (edited 04 October 2001).]

quote:Hmm, Exiges at school…Obviously a bit too handy with that camera at times Jimbo! [image][/image]However, I agree with Russ about the possibilities. If someone wants to lend me their Exige, I’ll put money on being able to get it through School at three-figure speeds! [image][/image] The only time I remember looking at my speedo I was four-wheel drifting through there at something over 80 MPH, but it was raining very hard at the time and there was standing water in places. At least I was confident that Jimbo wasn’t up my chuff with his camera on that occasion (something to do with the 340R’s water allergy eh Jimbo!). [image][/image]