Anglesey Saturday 19th Jan

It was sunnier (but windier) than the Sunday.We didn’t have any fun at all, oh no, not at all :slight_smile: [image][/image] [This message has been edited by Jimbo (edited 23 January 2002).]

Your camera handywork is getting better [image][/image]Must have been flippin difficult to drive with only one hand on the wheel, whilst using the other to point your camcorder at John’s car [image][/image]

That’d explain his crash at the hairpin then [image][/image]

I’m Starting to feel like a film star all this camera attention [image][/image]Nice bit of video Jimbo keep em comingJohnC

Is this a man who is shy of attention??? [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by JohnC:I’m Starting to feel like a film star all this camera attentionJohnCStill more footage to come I’m afraid John, I got the two spinners in front of you as I followed into Abbotts, not sure it looks as dramatic as it felt! Just as well those brakes do actually work; 1st lock up I have ever managed!! I’ve rendered the Video you might have to wait a couple of days while I download it at 56K.I must say I did end up feling dizzy by the end of the day, I put in about 100Laps and still had to leave early with the rear offside rubber “just” legal. Open Pit lane - only way to go-At least leaving in the light let me put in another 100miles on the A5, what a lovely scenic road… not sure the ramblers appreciated the pops and bangs of an Exige on an extended cool down Lap [image][/image]The other highlight was a tussle with a yet another Scooby P1, same story as before pushed harder and harder until the P1 eventually fell off…Video to follow. I think we should invite just a few to the Exige only session at Cadwell just for the entertainment value.Great circuit, suits the exige really well, got close to the pace within 15 Laps but a hot lap is difficult to find, by the end of the day I gave up and just started sliding it around [image][/image]I will edit this post once I find somewhere to host the many MB of MPEG, otherwise the Brands footage will just have to go [image][/image]

I’m sure I can find some room on JimboCam.

Thanks Jimbo I will bear that in mind but I just managed to squeze the MPEG files onto my demon account.As I said JohnC got the best view of these caterfields, I really did think I would hit somebody, but straightening up and hitting the brakes got me out of trouble. Just a few laps earlier in the same session after being passed by a P1 (Ohhh the shame of it…) I followed said aforementioned for a few laps in a northly, no eastely, er southerly easterly, southerly direction, and I certainly was not going to attempt to get past him on the left!!!

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LOL! get on those brakes indeed! :-)However scoobyoff seems to have disappeared.