Anglesey - Sat. 28th Sept

How many Exiges can we get to this trackday? For those who’ve not been, Anglesey is just brilliant in our cars - although challenging, it is a “safe” circuit.Anglesey is also a great place to bring your better halves, & to stay over on the Friday & Saturday nights - brownie points can therefore be saved, or even accumulated!!! [image][/image]

I take it you will be bringing your better half then Pesky?

BranI will invite Mrs Pesky, but I can’t predict her answer - & that’s after being married for 25 years [image][/image]

count me in for any sessions but the end of september is a long way off … anything before ?

Roger I know what you’re saying, but with many of us pre-booked for “band tours”, Le Mans trip, & family/school hoidays etc during June, July, August & Sept I would be surprised if we could have a mass gathering before the suggested date in September.So far, Giles, Sandra, Mark (Shaggy), JohnC, Phil & myself are booked for the 28th Sept.[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 05 May 2002).]

yeah point taken … ill book it now , is there any chance we’ll get an exige session ?

RogerGreat stuff - get it booked asap [image][/image]Anglesey days are usually “open pitlane”, which most of us prefer.

Now six so far… [image][/image]

Make it seven [image][/image]Oops make that eight !! Tony can’t count [image][/image][This message has been edited by Trudy Davies (edited 06 May 2002).]


Up to 11 now [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Trudy Davies:Oops make that eight !! Tony can’t countYes he can, it must have snuck in afterwards! [image][/image]

I make it 15 now - yipee [image][/image]

PeskyWell seeing that the other half has booked me a day at Silverstone GP on the 29th July with Easytrack for a birthday present it seems to me that I will leave there with the overwhelming urge to get back on the track ASAP. I have just registered with BAT and booked for the Sept bash, so I make that 16!!!

YogiI’ve stopped having birthdays [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Pesky:I’ve stopped having birthdays [image][/image]The candles on his cake were becoming a fire hazard…

i did suggest using roman numerals …

Provisionally booked in for the 28thHope to to you all [image][/image]AndrewGot to do all that work now, hoses, blah blah

Wow! Now counted up to 21 for the day [image][/image]

21 eh !..well that should be fun as that will just about fill the whole track and that’s without the others that will attend…sounds like Whackey Races !!!