Anglesey Failure

So now know what happened to my car at Anglesey. Before I share the details anyone want to hazzard a guess at what these are?

On the left looks like a sizeable chunk of disappointment and on the right a fair sized fragment of considerable expense :frowning:

Bits of rocker finger?

Very funny . . . but rather cruel in the circs!

We’ve all been there and at a certain level that’s what it resolves to…no cruelty intended Will knows that.

Hopefully didn’t cost you an entire engine like me mate :wtf:

Sorry, Ben, it was not intended as a criticism. :blush:

I know that bud. So many of us have a shared understanding of the roller-coaster experience of ownership.

rocker arm?

Little end…

It looks like a piece of the sprocket that holds tension in the fan belt against the dynamo pulley :wink:

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Is that the “giggle pin” :wink:

One gold wedding band
What do I win?

Chain tensioner thingy?

So a few correct answers there but the winners are Ben for making me laugh and Dave for the first correct answer.
Not mine but the same failure, at the VVT activating pin.

Looks like at least one of these failed and then the broken bit made its escape as far as the timing change. The chain then broke and unraveled, tearing up the sprocket on the crank.
Valves found the point of least resistance, so 6 bent valves in total. 3 of the rocker arms have the same failure, not clear if all before the bigger incident, or whether they suffered when the valves were struck.

The main thing now is a thorough strip down and clean of the engine, and dry sump system, to make sure that any debris has been banished to avoid any secondary damage when it all comes together again. The bottom appears to be ok thank goodness but will know for sure when the full clean up is complete.

So now knowing what the problem was it seems that the rockers are a known weak point. Options are to put another set of standard in, get some standard ones that have been tarted up (crack tested, shot-peened etc), or to go nuts and get some Ferrea upgrades and ditch the VVT.

For all of you running higher power engines would definitely suggest having these checked.

Ferrea upgrades you say…

Exactly what happened to my engine at Anglesey two years earlier!!!

Do you think it is RPM otr HP related failure? Looks more like RPM but I am no engine engineer?

Bad luck whichever way :frowning:

You are probably right Ade sustained high RPM track use.

I always tried to keep my car below 8k rpm, I never found enough performance gain ringing it’s neck to the limiter unless it added a pointless gear change in

Something like this? With some single lobe cams and new valves.