Anglesey 9th March

Anyone going to this trackday? There are few Lotus’ registered.

I am picking up my new Exige S on the Saturday so won’t be on circuit as it won’t be run in, but its near home and I thought I’d bob over to watch/pax.

Not for me this year I’m afraid, but will have a visit next year.

There on the 29th if you can hang on twenty or so days!

Won’t be getting car until after this

Its at the dealer today, but it won’t be Ventureshielded until the week after next

To be fair its my choice, I am having it trailered (covered) to my VS guy who is going to do full front, roof, sills, inside sills, rear wings and spoiler

Suppose you S1 boys would object to all that weight being added

Who’s org’d the 29th day, might try and free it up.

Sorry didn’t get back to you mate, didn’t go booked Rockingham instead this weekend?