Anglesey 4th Oct

I am off to Anglesey on 4th October…

Talked into it by Pesky…

That was before I realised that it is a 500 mile round trip with the trailer…

Hey Ho

Attendees so far Pesky, RussT and myself

Anyone else going?

Am staying at the Nant-Yr-Odyn overnight if anyone wants to have a drink or something


Who is running the day


Southern Jessie - drive your bloody car there, leave ya trailer at home!

AndyD, JohnO & TonyP will be there in their Exiges. TonyP has personally “hired” Gav Kershaw for the day for some one to one tuition.

Hope the weather is okay - tends to be very localised at the circuit, & boy, what a cracking circuit for our cars

I may be southern, but I’m not an old’n like some I could mention…

Monsieur PESKY, f’rinstance

CU Sunday

Mike Hill - Ribble Valley - 01254 876876

CU Sunday

Doubt it, or is Bristol in a different timezone to the rest of the UK?

oi ment zaturdey

I spoke to Ribble Valley today as well
Wanted rear AO48s nobody has any in stock tried Nick Whale
I finally found 2 at Brooke Kensington so if they arrive in time I will join you all

Yep I will be there on the 4th … I’m driving up the night before and had planned to stop at the travelodge near the Menai bridge … however timing is very subject to my friends at KLM

  • Where exact are you stopping Mike ??

Reckon I could convince Gavin to give my shed a blast to see if its set up right ??

I’m at Nant Yr Odyn, which is pretty close to the circuit…

Why not stay there?


I changed my booking to the Nant Yr Odyn

What time you planning on getting there ? I’ll try and make it the same …

See you there !

Just booked a place for Sat with Mike Hill it was the last place available
he now has 40 names so its a full house

Just booked a place for Sat with Mike Hill it was the last place available

Good stuff - bacon butties on you?

you are all welcome to stop on the way for braekfast
I am 40 mins from Anglesey in Colwyn Bay
Anyone know what the head count is for Exiges


Thanks for the offer - as far as I know, 4 Exige owners are staying overnight in Anglesey. 3 more (incl yourself) are also booked in for trackday.

So it looks like you have escaped making brekkie… but bring ya wallet, cos we’ll get some bacon butties from the on-site caterer.

So, what’s the weather going to be like on Saturday, John?

Phew!!! Thought I was going to have to cook

the weather i think is forecast very cold but hopefully dry