AndyZim's S2 Exige


Just picked up a 2004 Exige from Jon Seal yesterday. I think this car was owned by a forum member a while back but it’s been hard to track down more than a couple of photos and details of its history.

It’s Nightfall blue and had the Lotus approved supercharger conversion fitted back in about 2013. It’s got a few non-standard parts fitted, from what I can gather from the invoice history and looking over the car:

TD 1.2 alloys (I think - the no logo version)
TRD airbox
engine mount inserts
AP 295mm brake bells and rotors with braided hoses
V6 mirror plinths (I think?)
Baffled oil sump - Eliseparts version I think
Uniball Rear toe links
It had a full suspension refresh in about 2014 too.

Were LED rear lights standard by 2004?

This is the only clean photo I have so far because on the 140 mile drive home through 2 heavy rainstorms it got absolutely filthy.

I’ve had an S1 elise for the past 4 years which I had done a lot of work on so I’m eager to get my hands dirty and stuck in on this car too.

First jobs are going to be changing out the seats and steering wheel and adding a harness bar.
Then I’ll be taking off the front clam to see if I can refresh the AC system and get that working (I’ll replace the tow post and front rad at the same time).

Nice, car looks good - one of my favourite colours (I seem to say this about more and more colours nowadays).

Sounds like this could be an interesting thread if you’re willing to get your hands dirty. Though I won’t pretend to be an expert, I’ve got quite intimate with the AC system on my car so let me know if you have any questions etc!

Welcome along!

I do not believe LEDs were OEM fit.

Good luck with the aircon, I have had a nightmare with mine but [mention]Fonzey[/mention] had lot more luck.

What seats do you currently have?

Beat me to it Fonzey!

Thanks guys. I have been reading all the threads I can where you tackled air con issues.

I guess it just has the standard seats ones at the moment, non probax etc. I have a pair of Corbeau LE-Pro which I’ll put in because I find them more comfortable (more padding) and like to use harnesses on trackdays.

They arrived in the 2006 “facelift”, so about the same time the throttle went to DBW etc.

Ah, yes that makes sense. Well this car appears to have the LED lights too so I guess they have been added at some point.

Same as mine :slight_smile: Mine is an early one with S/C conversion and LED lights.

Very nice. Love the colour, but then I’m biased.

Hi Andy, your Exige is a great car and used to 9owned by a chap called Reg Sandwick he was the one that did the SC conversion etc. I have sent him a message to look at this page :thumbup:

Welcome :thumbup:

Looks like a good purchase and interested to see how you progress with the AC and future mods!

Hi Andy, yes this was my car, I sold it to Jon Seal 2 1/2 years ago, the SC conversion was done by Lotus Newcastle but most of the other work was done by me, the wheels are Team Dynamics and the uprated Toe Links are Elise Parts. Does it still have the Quantum Dampers on it? I have tons of pics of the work done if you want them, here’s a couple of me enjoying it, hope you do too, good to see it again :thumbup:

Thanks Reg, yes I found a couple of your old photos when the sc was fitted, it’d be great to see any others you have. I love the car, been out for a drive this evening just for fun.

It seems to have the standard bilsteins on it now, also I can’t work out but looks like a standard exhaust. I’ve got loads of invoices with the car with your name all over them!

Hi Andy,

Sorry I’m a bit late to this post, defo non LED in 2004, photo of my old 2004 190 Exige.

Congrats on your new car, I’m looking forward to seeing some more photos :+1:
BTW Lotus stage 2 exhaust in the photo if that helps.

Yeah I kept all the invoices for the parts I’d bought, good job I never added them all up😄When I had it I put a full Hanger 111 system on it, down pipe, sports Cat and silencer. If you let me have your email address I’ll upload the pictures to Google Drive and send you a link to download them.

Thanks, I’ve sent you a message with my email. I’m still unsure what exhaust is on it. The silencer has this plate on it with the writing
CLF Muffler

From some searching online it looks like this might just be a standard back box.
It’s hard to tell what the rest of the system is - it’s all covered in heatshields which made me think originally it was stock. Maybe I need to take a closer look.

I went out for a drive last night, I’m really enjoying how it feels and sounds so far. The 12v aux cigarette lighter socket stopped working at some point during the journey though so I’ll have to investigate that now.

A picture of your tail pipes should tell us if its a H111 or stock silencer.

12v lighter could be a blown fuse. Mine is useless, as anything I plug in comes loose and doesn’t charge/falls out.

Welcome… I have a 2004 Exige - and they defo didn’t have LED lights - which supercharger kit do you have, the non cooler version from the Elise SC or the Exige S one ?

It’s the non-cooler version of the Elise SC, the M45 charger with the integrated manifold.