And another new owner

After much searching (for S1 and S2’s) i finally picked up my new car last weekend. Opted for the S1 as it is purely a weekend car and the S1 felt more special and has (in my view) more “character”. Have been told by some local kids that its the coolest car they have ever seen. and i have had a few people actually take pictures of it at traffic lights, junctions etc. Its all been good attention so far.

Hope to take it to one of the Brands Hatch Evenings in August and any other events on the social calendar. In the meantime i will get as much playtime in it as possible.

One thing i have noticed is that the damping on the suspension is superb. Expected the car to be very stiff and rock solid but there is one particularly bumpy road which would seriously upset the firm ride of the Cooper S, yet the exige just glides over it.


Its the Azure Blue one that was advertised on here and pistonheads.

Nice one!

I have found that loads of kids take pictures of mine (Exige FFS!) with mobile phones.

I had some c*ckend in a vectra estate tail gating me me on the motorway and moving from lane to lane erratically.

It was after I had sworn and cursed at him that I noticed a youngster in the car trying to get some shots with his phone!!!

Well it was that or coz our lass had her knockers out?

I hope it was the car though

The beauty of low weight on those roads. Mind you, the Cooper is still pretty light.

Have you got std suspension? Lots upgrade to Nitron or other adjustable dampers to get an improvement.


ps. Welcome!

PMSL. Women with there knockers out make me drive a bit erraticly too.

As far as i know the car is on totally standard suspension. Regarding the weight though the cooper S is much heavier than standard (about 1150kg i think). I think my mini is quicker in straight line but nowhere near the exige on handling.

Welcome aboard the ship… wishing you many happy hours of motoring and grinning