Analogue Automotive Subframe Mod?

I’ve just watched a great review of the lovely Analogue Automotive Super Sport by Henry Catchpole,

Whilst discussing modifications and improvements to the donor car, a rear subframe reinforcement tube is mentioned, along with stich welding etc and coating, does anyone have information on this and how its carried out?
Is this something the race guys have been doing for years / does it work to stiffen things up for track duties?

Vid can be found here can be found here:


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Enjoyed that, giving me some much needed motivation to get my car restored and back on the road. If only I had a enough spare £k’s down the back of the sofa to get it sorted! :+1:

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I know the feeling bud! I had no idea how much of a ‘life-choice’ building an Exige rep with Honda power would be, I’ve lived on porridge & beans for 5 years and the things still not rolling!

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Just got round to watching this. What an excellent video.

Sure the halo car isnt cheap at £100k but its certainly an eye opener in a digital world.

I found that I liked the look of the headlights too. How would they get those through a MOT?

I’ve been wondering this also regarding whatever George Williams is doing with his headlights.

I’m not usually a fan but have to say I agree completely and think the lights really work on this, especially the rears. I wonder if they’re an in house part or available elsewhere ?

I think these are the headlights:-

PNM Parts clicky

Oh wow! Thank you.

Any ideas about the rears? I like how faithful they look to the originals but much better when they’re on

I think they are just a cob led ring inside the normal light someone did them years ago on a dark green elise, theres a thread on seloc somewhere