An Interesting/Strange Question...

A while ago I posted that my new years resolution was to get a Lotus - either an Exige or S2 Elise, well, I hope to to get that sorted soon [image][/image]But I have an interesting question. It may sound stupid, but I need to know! My job, occasionally, involves the transfer of computer equipment from one place to another. Do you think you could squeeze a PC and a printer into an Exige? Assuming no passenger of course.And obviously being extremely careful not damaging any interior.On more sane questions…Whats with the prices right now? A while back many Exiges were in the low �20k braket, most are pushing �25k again now! Considering the bottom end seems to have fallen out the second hand market (especially with cars like mine) its seems strange?I know Lotus prices are on the increase (what with it being summer, and them being convertable) but is the Exige effected by this too? Finally, can anyone recommend a specialist who could check a private car for me? I’m not interested in the AA/RAC/Green Flag - a recent survey found them missing fauls on Fiesta’s and Mondeos - let alone cars like Exiges. Any recommendations appriciated.

second hand prices probably got something to do with the fact that the exige in unavailable new …

No you couldn’t get a PC and printer in an Exige or Elise, they are just too small as the foot well narrows towards the front.Do want i did, if they want equipment moving i always took a “pool” or hire car [image][/image]Phil

I did consider a second car, like an old Fiesta Van, but its just never going to get used. I’d be throwing money away to keep it on the road for the odd time it would get used.My next car choices are either of the Lotus’s or an EVO6 - looks like the EVO would be the more “sensible” choice, unbelievably :open_mouth:

A PC and printer should not be a problem. Monitor? Probably not.Some years ago, a friend of mine and I where in the Birmingham area in an Elise. The PC was in the boot and I (passenger) had the monitor on my lap. We pulled into a petrol station. Two boyracers at the pump next to us. No1 boyracer. “look, one of those new Lotuses”.No2 boyracer " …and its got a f#@%king Telly too!"[This message has been edited by Ken Pegg (edited 12 May 2003).]

LOL Ken [image][/image]

I’ve had an Elise for 3 years and swapped to Exige about 2 months ago. I have transported in both cars: Full scuba kit for weekend trip, overnight bag and two 12 litre air cylinders: Luggage for 2 adults and one baby to South of France (wife & baby went with British Airways at half the cost). Every day I transport my 4 year old to school along with my briefcase and laptop. I bring computers home to setup/benchtest - admitedly without a monitor but without a passenger and with a bit of inginuity (sp) you can get loads of stuff in.Proof is my V5 for the Exige - it is listed as a two door estate - and I can prove it.

Well i hope you wrap them up well, have a bit of fun on a roundabout and you end up with a deep scratch on the side beams [image][/image]