An Alternative Exhaust

Designed by Bernard Scouse & tested/developed by Steve Butts:



couldn’t see anything

Ahhh, found it now!

Unique, in the sense that it doesn’t exit at the normal place…
(can’t see where…)

Not bad at �200 + VAT, The exhaust is very quiet compared to any thing else i’ve heard with a rich deep sound and free flowing but does throw up a huge dust cloud on my drive as the exit is pointing towards the road by the near side rear wheel.

Its also difficult to get the sound meter on the exit pipe

The prototype was only a few quid to make, which involved Steve having to cut the flange off the end of the EBD manifold, i dont know if this is the case with the one that Owen is selling.

It will be on my ‘next’ shopping list for sure

have u seen the 6 pot brake kit?

Gonna make MOTs even harder!

Does ‘straight though’ mean there’s no baffles to blow? Is it repackable?


You could always keep the old kit for MOTs, and… err… put the new one on for track days

I was thinking that it’d be harder to swap, but I suppose not, as you’re just doing the nuts at the other end of the cat/pipe.

Although you would have to open exhaust hole again.

I wonder how many people you could make believe you had an electric car with no exhaust?


Hey Ian - I have taken off and put on my CAT so many times I could do it in my sleep…

It would have to be easier just doing the exhaust, even though they are bound to use the second bracket…

Only thing is, I would probably want to sell the old one, what with it having a lifetime guarantee…

Anybody got any ‘before and after’ rolling road data ???

hmmm…would be on my shopping list as well…but live in poxy Switzerland…so, too dangerous to run it without a cat…bugger…


Do we have to cut holes in our under-tray to fit this? surely the tailpipe doesn’t squeeze out the space betwixt wheel rim and diffuser ??

Can they get it to come out the middle of the bottom, then we can ask the Edwards to design a McLaren type diffuser!


That would be cookin !! I like that idea… also would it help with downforce ?? similar to the Esthi

Exactly what do you plan to put in the great big hole in the rear clam when there are no exhaust exits in it ??

Not so sure thats gonna look so cool


Racespeed are working on a grille to fit there - but to a man of your calibre!!!

By the way, Russ has taken delivery of one the exhausts today, with a view to fitting it tomorrow.

According to my bathroom scales, it weighs about 6.5 kg. Any ideas what the supersports weighs in at?

Good plan with the grille - just do the same as the number plate cutout eh

Photo from Racespeed website. The [color:“red”]red marker [/color] shows the tailpipe.


That’s not a hole - it’s a ventilation duct

Assuming this turns out to be a much less tortuous exhaust path and thus more power, and less weight, I will be going this route…

I thought I could use the ‘ventilation duct’ to instal a DVD screen to keep Uldis happy while he waits for a chance to overtake me

(I’ll show a vid of a goldfish swimming around a small glass bowl - about 2.5 seconds long - he won’t see it more than once anyway!!)

Thanks, how considerate!

But better show me the view from the front, so I can see what you’re seeing!
Or a closeup of the inside of the cockpit, the driver’s face, how you’r coping with the cornering forces…