Amourfed/front end modification

Dispite only having the exige for a week some old woman decided on pulling out directly in front of me this morning

But on the up side I am now looking at a new front clam on her insurance so is it worth getting the car amourfeded (sp) and if so how much does it cost?

Mmmm I always drive the Exige like I’m driving a bike, seems we are invisible sometimes.

Trust you get it all sorted OK.

Armourfend … cant recall exact but its about 5-600 quid I think - they say it doesnt go yellow … but if I were you I’d put the money in the bank for a respray later on.

It’s difficult to assess the worth of Armourfend, until you see what an Exige front end can look like without it.

But as AndyD says, you have to weigh up the cost against the inevitable respray somewhere down the line.

Like most things in life, it’s all a question of your own personal preference.

On balance I think Armourfend just about justifies it’s price.

Have a word with your dealer however as Lotus were selling off their own Exige Armourfend kits for very little money about a month ago. I don’t know how extensive these are, however.

I put Invincashield on the front of mine after a minor repair and professional respray. I think it cost about �260 for the main front bits and I fitted it myself. So far so good no damage and the film is nearly invisible (takes time to dry out especially in cold Scotland). Fitting is tricky and requires a bit of time. I wasn’t 100% happy with all the bits so took some off (no damage) and got replacements made from my templates. I don’t know how Armourfend cost compares but this was a reasonable option and hopefully will extend time between resprays.