Aluminium bits to update your interior

How many of you have bought aluminium indicators? I ask as I hope to make some bispoke ones for the exige/elise and I am looking to sell them if enough people are interested.

Ive fitted the Leven type ones before on a TVR and although they are easy to fit and well made, I think they look a bit naff.

If you are also thinking the same as me, please let me know. The ones Im looking to design will fit in a similar mannor, by cutting off the old plastic ones then grub screwing the new aluminium ones to the stubs.

If I can get enough interest, I will get some made up. Will probably need about 10 or so people. I will email/post some pics of the design if I get any responses to this thread to see if you like the design!!

Geary at Eliseparts already do some…


is your design similar?

I’ve got the Lotus Sport ones.They’ve very nice, and go well with the gearknob and window winders from the same range.

c3p0, I think most people here are into trackdays and modifications that would make a difference on the driving.

I for one would never buy alloy tat, or CF interior bits…
What’s wrong with the original ones?

Sorry if I don’t get it.

There’s nothing wrong with doing a bit of both, Uldis. I’ve put plenty of time, effort and money into the driving experience as well. (The UCR gearbox for example certainly ain’t for show!) It’s just that I drive my car mostly on the road, and I just don’t like the cheap materials of the standard interior.
I definately won’t do anything that reduces the driving experience.

I also have a bit of an anti-Vauxhall thing, hence the rear view mirror and the indicator stalks just had to go

Hey!!! I’m an old hand at last

Only taken me three and a half years.

It’s not a go on you Brendan, I was just trying to explain to c3p0 his lack of replies.
Obviously not a high priority to most Exigers.

And then I’ve never had a Vauxhall, so didn’t know those stalks belonged to one.
They looked ok, small and light to me…

We got ourselves some stalkers !!

That’s OK Uldis, I know you’re not having a go at anybody.
I can certainly understand your point of view, and I do think I’ve spent more than I should on shiny bits, but it’s just another sign of how we get addicted to our great cars

And to be honest, I’m still resisting the temptation on fitting one of theElise-Goes-HiFi systems…

I’ve got a four speaker sound system in the boot. It’s a bit heavy (c 100 kilos!), but it produces about 140 Kilowatts of power. Surprised I’m not deaf!

I’ve seen these! It’s got the inline 4 speakers all facing up

And the subwoofer in the back…

That’s the one. Not a bad system, but it sounds a bit rattly until the valves warm up

Thanks for the comments. The black plastic indicators are an old vauxhall product, I had the same ones on my old 1992 Vauxhall Cavalier. I also had them on my TVR Chimaera, so they get around. My view on them is that they look cheap and bring the look of the car down.

I bought some of the leven technology replacement ones for my TVR, which are the same as the ones in the picture that was kindly posted. They are very nicly made, but I just didnt like the style of them (but better than the plastic ones). Anyway I think the Exige looks the business on the outside, but some of the part bin bits on the interior make it look a bit poor. I thought of designing some myself, which would look better. I would need a few people to buy them to make them worth while making. I will try and post a pic of what they are like. AS for weight, they would be made from aluminium and are quite machined out for weight reduction. There would not be a great increase in weight from the plastic bits that you cut off. I will calculate what they will weigh and post it.