Alternator Blues

Hello Everyone
I have a problem that you might be able to help me with…
I have a 2000 S1(No4) with a siezed Alternator due to a very cold and wet winter in Germany this year.
I realise that this might not be a major problem but what is a problem is a total lack of confidence in my local Lotus dealer due to a less than satisfactory experience with them last year.
Therefore my question is…
Is the alternator exchange straightforward ie undo bolts, remove alt and belt, fit new Alt and belt and away you go (fingers crossed), or will there be any re-timing or other such tasks to be carried out after the exchange?

Hope to sort this problem out so as to get to the Lotus meeting at Donnington in March so any advice would be gratefully received.

There are no retiming tasks as you put it. The job is only made complicated by the lack of access to all the bolts and the space required to get the old alternator out and the new one in.

I removed the alternator heat shield for access from the top and the had it up ramps and the rear diffuser off for access from below.

Just be careful you don’t short the alternator live terminal when undoing the nut. Disconnect the battery 1st.

Certainly with the aircon cars, access is easier via wheel arch liner removal.

Thank you very much for your advice Steve…Mr Pesky.

Hopefully see you at Donnington.

Yeah I’m with Pesky, the job is fiddly but getting the wheel arch liner out and getting your head in there makes it a 100 times easier!!


If I remember correctly my approach; was adopted because I could not get the wheel arch off without breaking the fixings and I had not spares to replace them:-

1)Disconnect the battery.
2)Remove the engine compartment right hand side panel.
3)Think I removed one of the engine mount bolt to make
better exit and entry for the alternator. Which one
should be easy to work out once work commences.
4)Slacken the tensioner lock nut.
5)Remove the belly panel under the engine (to get access to
the belt tensioner).
6)Slacken the belt tensioner and remove the belt.
7)Remove the two alternator attachment bolts, (be careful I
dropped the nuts and lost them behind the oil filter on
two occasions).
8)Invert the alternator undo the nuts and remove the cables.
9)To get access for removal and replacement of the
alternator - Remove the filler pipe and vent line from
the petrol filling spigot.
10)Remover the filler cap and spigot from the car.
11)Push the petrol pipes forward out of the way and remove
the alternator.
12)Fitting is the reverse.

First time it took 4 hours of frustration and skinned knuckles; the second and third time it took an hour including a tea break.

Good luck