Alternating Tyres

Good evening people. After months of driving around round-abouts continuously my passenger front looks alot more sorry for itself than the drivers front which made me think about having the tyres alternated to the opposite wheel. However my garage friend thinks that this can cock up tyre wear even more due to road camber etc. He said give it a go but beware I could pick up vibrations. Any thoughts ?


Do not do this under any circumstances except if you genuinely wish to die!!

The tyres are designed to rotate in one direction only, when under stress.

The rubber is not one continuous piece, but rather a strip that comes to an overlapping join.

When they are rotating in the right direction, which is marked on the carcase with an arrow, the overlap is pressed together, and the tyre is ‘strong’, but if you rotate them in the other direction the overlap is being pulled apart, and the tyre is weak.

It is OK for reversing, but not high speed work etc!!

Hope this makes sense…

And … if you reverse them on the rims so they do rotate the right way you will have the opposite wear charateristics of the suspension ( camber ) and road to wear back in across the tread- making the “feel” not “optimum” for a period and IMO ( having done it ) its not a good plan - but I’m sure its done and others are happy to do it …

Put the back wheels and tyres on the front and the front ones on the back - now that would be funny…or save money and use cross ply remoulds.

Put the back wheels and tyres on the front and the front ones on the back - now that would be funny…or save money and use cross ply remoulds.

errmmmm… tone… i think you are missing something here…

If you swap them as Andy says it’ll work okay after the current wear pattern is ‘overcome’ its far from ideal but if you want to get a few more miles out of a pair of tyres i don’t think its a total no no

“errmmmm… tone… i think you are missing something”

Doctors have been telling me this for years!

Wasn’t there another mad Exige owner from Southampton?

Ended up with a bent roll bar!


Blimey!!! You’ve got a good memory!
Thought he was Basingstoke-ish
I half remember the photo’s - like you say bent roll cage!

I’m only aware of there ever being one other (maybe two) Exiges in the Basingstoke area, neither yellow.

My memory yes, I think regurgitating previous posting is my chief value as a member of the BBS! I just wish I actually knew as much about the car as others.



You are a top dog round here IMHO…

Gee thanks

Thank you all for the advice. By moving the tyres to opposite wheels I was just trying to avoid spending cash as the deal would be that my wife would be entitled to spend same amount on clothes.Bugger.
When the time comes I quite fancy changing to the A048s but my rear A049s have got plenty of welly left. Any negative thoughts on mixing these up ? Replacing the whole lot for one dodgy front appears mad to me.
Regards and best wishes.

I guess you mean A039’s ??

swapping around from side to side is one thing but…don’t mix tyres on an exige… this will screw it up…

Ever tried walking with one foot in a wellington boot and the other in a platform boot, and the third in a flip flop ?

(You get my drift !!)

and the third in a flip flop ?

Not bragging again are you Mr Lane?