Almost as good as being there

If anybody was interested in what those of us that have attended Andy Walsh’s training days have been up to see here, here and here.


Already ordered the DVD Makes me sick that Walshy can be so talented and such a top bloke! Must organise another Llandow or North Weald day soon…

any ideas when it will be ready for shipping?

Search, or post the question, on the carlimits forum.



Have your Car Limits Driver Training DVD’s arrived yet. Mine hasn’t come as yet?

I ordered it weeks ago.
Cheers - Carttman


I see on the order page that it states delivery is now after Christmas? …however I received an email confirmation for delivery end November?

Contacted Car Limits.

There is a 3 week delay on all DVD’s after one of the chaps in their supply chain was in an accident. Shipment I understand now is probably going to be 18 December.

Cheers -Carttman