Anyone know if the alloy brakes from early Mk1’s will fit later Mk 1’s - specifically a 111?Rob Gibbons

Yes they will fit no problem

Thanks!, I may buy a 1-11 then.Rob Gibbons

Yeas, they’ll fit any S1 Elise. Be sure to get disc and pads though. The pads are made out of a special compound - not your normal brake substance at all.CheersChrisps. All Elise are 111 - do you mean the 111S?Not that it makes a difference, only that the 111S (and Sport 135, 160 & 190 models)has x-drilled discs as standard, which are more resilient for track work.

Rob can you tell me where you got your service manual from?Thanks

I ordered it from Bell and Coleville. They get them in a fairly irregular intervals. If there is anything specific you need I will fax. E mail me on [email protected] with a fax numer and details.Rob Gibbons