alloy bulkhead

has anyone got a template to cut out an alloy bulkhead? or an old alloy bulkhead forsale? thanks andy

The half-height Exige one, or an old stlye Elise one ? There must be loads of the latter around in brakers yards.

i think he’s talking about the panel that will replace the rear window. Just make it out of card first then you’ll have a template to cut the alloy.

was after one which covers from the floor (covering the fuel tank) reaching all the way up as heigh as the roll bar, then obviously cut to size to allow the roof to fit accoringly

I enquired at Lotus Motorsport a month or so ago and they no longer make them. However, they may well provide you with a template if yo ask nicely.

Also, I was told that the guys at Proalloy had made one, so it might bw worth giving them a buzz.

Did you manage to get bulkhead sorted? I am thinking about doing same to project car I am building as it gives much more space.

sorted. i had a local chap come round…he made a template then hacked away, job done. dont know how much yet but ill post when i find out.