Alloy Bells

My brother just came over with this lot

Thanks to him for making them and big thanks to Andy for the drawings and help.


Now just to sort the discs and bolts.

You anodised them right?


What are the 4 mini bells for in the middle? Are you getting them fitted to an Exige model?

They’d be spacers to move the front calipers out a bit so 295mm disks fit.


The small bells in the middle are for this .


They will be hard anodised when i find someone to do them.

Can you not just paint them?

Can you not just paint them?

You could …

However its better to have them resistant to damage and corrossion - Hard anodising gives a hard surface (no sh!t) that will mean that the fit diameters to the hub dont get damaged easy etc etc

And surely thay’d need painting A LOT. They get blooming hot, expand, vibrate, wet, etc.


and you should not be bolting a disc/wheel assembly down on a painted surface.

Got round to taking them to the anodisers yesterday and i have just picked them up.
They are hard anodised so should be up to the job


nice battleship grey?

how much did they charge by the way?

I gave them a pic of the AP bells and said i want them like that.
The alloy (HE15TF i think) was about �60.
Got them made for free
Andoising �40

Now just got to get the discs �800 for the 4

absolute bargain!!!