All went pear shaped at chequered flag

Just completed first trackday at bedford, car ran excellent… until I passed the chequered flag when it died.
Engine will turn over but it won’t fire up. Fair bit of oil has been lost, earlier in day level near top, now showing 1/3 on dipstick. Topside of undertray on left very wet. No water loss apparant, but oil filler cap now milky.
Temperature was steady around 82 allday, no warning lights.
What to do & where to take it? (engine has had 192 upgrade)
Am based just south of bedford.

Head gasket failure… But sounds like one of the less common failure mechanisms (breach of fire ring?).

Any specialist should be able to sort it for around �450, provided the head is still OK.

Bedford’s a tricky area for specialists, might be worth trying the following:

Guglielmi Motorsport (Scared Stiff) in Daventry
Brook Kensington, Bicester.

Bit further afield, but Sinclaires are very highly rated:

Dave Andrews is only in Milton Keynes, but not sure he does general repair / servicing. He’s more a tuning and K-Series building guru.

Suggest trailering or getting the AA to recover the car to the specialist once you’ve talked it over and arranged with them.

Let us know how you get on.

Thanks for info Alex, will make a couple of calls during the week.
Used the AA to get the car home from the track, will be interesting to see if I can use them to deliver the car!!

Bad luck drew, certainly sounds like HGF.

Think you’ll be ok with the AA though. They recovered mine to home and then took it to a garage the next day when my fuel pump packed up a couple of weeks back.

Cheers for letting us know Peter, can’t do anything until next weekend, but would certainly make things lot easier if they could deliver… I’ve paid them enough over the years!!

If you’re going to put it on truck, as good value specialists, you could add Lakeside to the list -

Or Plans -


Thanks Ian. Have just been in contact with Steve Guglielmi so should be up and running within a week or two. Good opportunity to get some more bits for it as well