All season tyres - HELP

I want to put some all weather tyres on my S2 Exige. I use it every day and usuall spend alot of time in traffic. I gets a good blast on a Saturday and sometimes a Sunday. I cant justify replacing the A048s so a nice all round reasonably priced tyre would be good.

Can’t fault the Toyo T1-R’s on mine…cheap ( and grip well…some dont like them too much though???

how long did a set of ao48’s last you??

mine last about 6k on the back (n/a exige) and slightly less on the S (about 5k). On the front they just don’t wear with normal road use. I have never really had a problem with the weather, just need to slow down when there’s standing water on the surface of the road.

I’m with exigeboy - I think the caution mongering about the 48’s is a bit overdone?

OK they may be next to useless in standing water, but I have been blasting around Powys today and have to say the grip levels from the tyres has been exceptional, considering how wet (raining) and greasy (mud/cow5h1t and leaves) the road has been!

So long as they are warmed up they are fine.

I had one moment at about 70 in a left hander, when the front washed out, swiftly followed by the back coming out - but a tiny correction and all was well. In my old 911 that would have been a brown-trouser moment for sure!

if you are sensible then A048’s are fine in all weathers.

Hi All

Just a bit of info really on A048 availability.
Ordered a set of 225/45 17 LTS rears yesterday from Hangar 111. Just arrived !!!
Cost 330.00 inc vat & delivery. They are starting to get a run on them so if you need any best be quick


dont know if they do them in the corrrect sizes for the Lotus but it would be worth having a look at trying to source a set of

yokohama AVS sport

Based on yokohamas wet race tyres they give great all round performance on the road…

Didnt last long on the Audi though mind but would think they should do fine on a Lotus being half the weight and half the power…

Hi All

Thinking of a second set of wheels with wets for trackdays
(gave up on the slicks idea)

Do I look at specific wet race tyres or can anybody suggest a decent road tyre that would stand up to some track work ?

Goodyears seem to get mentioned as do Michelin Pilot Sport.



I’d be interested to, come on which ones, not standing water but a straight forward wet day???

A039 … expensive but then they work …

I’ll give those a try! Getting new set of forged soon, will stick those on the standards then…I’ll get back to you soon

I had this problem and I solved it by putting TOYO T1 R Proxes on my Exige. They are great in the wet and dry and im no driving god. I love em.

Got them from here: