all I want for christmas is a job

Whilst I was away this week I asked my agent to negotiate a deal for me as my employer wanted me to change sites, up till now I have been paid expenses to travel to a different site further away, so as you can imagine I wasn’t very impressed when they told me they weren’t going to pay my expenses. seems the deal consisted of me losing my job

her email went something like" David under no circumstances will accept the new terms and conditions" So they went and hired someone else

Stupid Bitch!!!

oh by the way Merry Christmas

Fcuk em!!!

As I said on the phone matey, really sorry to hear this news.

I’m with ya man above though, [censored] em!!!

Sorry to hear that, hope you can sort it out soon.

thanks guys

Life it to short to worry about that [censored], I believe everything happens for a reason, so you’re right [censored] em, except the last 2, they can [censored] themselves

Can you believe that I was ‘sacked’ recently too? Whilst working at a football match someone overheard me talking to a colleague in a private area, slagging off their team, wrote a letter of complaint to my employer and they promptly elbowed me!
Thats Sunderland fans for you!