Alfa V6 into Elise?

I’m pretty sure I read on the web some years ago now of an Italian company that had undertaken, successfully, the transplant of an Alfa V6 engine into an Elise. Has anybody else heard of such an installation, or am I just going senile?

I suspect you’d be going very rear end heavy!!!Ian [image][/image]

Paul,There was a rumour that Lotus were going to fit the Alfa engine into the M250 at one point - in fact I believe it was seriously considered but not taken up of course. FWIW I suggested that they could then name the M250 the Lotus Elfa!!- would have gone down well in Sloane Square in nowhere else I reckon!.BTW , I have just had M250 MGS put on my Exige - I’m still waiting!!MGS

quote:Originally posted by IDG:I suspect you’d be going very rear end heavy!!!Ian [image][/image]Found it; Think I’ll find out a little more…[This message has been edited by Paul (edited 24 April 2002).]

I wonder how it handles!?!!Ian [image][/image]

The car on this page is my old car. We finished, in switzerland, this body kit ( 1 year before the very first images of Exige (in 1996 nobody then imagined the arrival of Exige). We sent many photograph of the car at Lotus LTD… and a year after left… the Exige!Certain resemblances like the front style and the side air intakes are incredible! But there is NO V6 in this car! The U.K. Garage used the photographs of my car for their advertising (with my agreement). They assembled once a V6 Alfa in another car but I think that it is a too heavy engine. On the other hand, somebody in Switzerland east mounting a turbo Honda VTEC in one Elise… je keep you informed. JOP I have had the chance for a few weeks to have bought one Exige… I would put still today images in the gallery, say to me what you think of this…special Exige!