Alexander David dealer

Always sem to have an S1 on their books, always seems to be top of the price range. Anyone bought from them or had any dealings with them?

Gasman, I have had dealings with them and they currently have my Exige there. They are very straight to the point in both seling and buying

I brought my Exige from them and it was the 2nd time they had sold that car. The previous owner bought it from them, had it for 2 years then sold it back to them. And they asked me to give them a call should i everconsider selling it in the future!

Nice guys who are genuine sports car enthusiasts.

they get the thumbs up from me

Just to balance it, my cars previous owner bought the car from them as an advertised 190 car…and it wasnt…only 177. And as soon as it was discovered, they denied everything.

To be fair to AD, how would you tell anyway as they all drive differently… But playing hardball when trying to facilitate a soulution/compromise to rectify the problem is a bit too much.

In particular, do you think the quality of the cars they were supplying warranted a higher price? If not, were they willing to negotiate?
They seem to have exiges going through the books fairly regularly and almost invariably priced 24.5k+, so what did you guys think?

Its trackday season … prices are up!

At the end of the day i got what i paid for, the spec was what i wanted and the colour can always be changed to the one i really want some other time.

i did get some movement on price but not alot.

Went away to drive it for a few weeks before going back with a list of niggles that needed attention which they promptly put right no quibbles or questions.

As Carsten pointed out I previously owned his car and purchased it from these guys. My experience initially was good, up until (a) I wanted to sell the car and asked them how much they would offer me after 10 months of ownership… �17K springs to mind, I paid �21500 for it! Cheeky Blighters… (b) The car was sold to me as a 190BHP upgrade… their sales docket in the window stated it had been upgraded by Bell & Collville. Their Sales Literature stated that it had the 190BHP upgrade as well. When i questioned this with them they denied all Knowledge that the car had been sold to me as a 190BHP. I told them to check their records and they still denied it… I fortunately found their Stock list which featured my Car and as I told them it was there in black and white advertised as a 190BHP.
They got a bit snotty and told me to check with Lotus which I did and Lotus confirmed it had never had an upgrade.
I never heard anything back from them and considered taking it further but it wasnt really worth the hassle as I had just sold it to Carsten. Just my 2 pennies worth… Might be worth checking everything in more detail before you part with your cash ! Up untill that point I had no issues with them and they were always polite and helpful.