Alarm system - Urgent help needed !!!!

Hi Peeps,

Thanks in advance for any responses. I’m in desperate need of some help.

When I bought my Exige the garage only gave me one alarm key, so I went to a local auto-electrical store to order a spare, because I didn’t have the plastic card with the serial number on for the Meta 99T2 system they had to order a new alarm system which came with 2 new keys.

I’ve plugged in the new alarm controller and everything seems to work OK, lights flash as expected etc…

But it doesn’t start!!! The immobiliser does not recognise the new main controller

Reading the Meta installation instructions it tells me to disarm the immobiliser using the ??contact key?? then disarm the alarm, turn ignition on for 4 secs, then off, then press the button.

I can not find a contact key, or a keyhole on the car which looks like its alarm related.

Does anyone know how I can program the immobiliser to work with the new Main Controller?



Phone Lotus on 01953 608000 and ask for Service and Technical. You 'll be able to speak to the guys that built your car

If they can’t help you straight away then they’ll call back with the right details, they’re really really helpful guys working there! It’s great!

After calling Lotus (cheers Mark) I can confirm that the Meta 99T2 alarm comes in a keyed set with the Immobiliser.

What does this mean?

  1. Even if someone replaces or bypasses your alarm, the immobiliser will protect your car, no tricks can be used to disable the immobiliser, as you could if Lotus had installed the contact key. This means your Lotus Exige is VERY well protected, as this is almost a one off for this particular alarm system.

  2. It also means that if your alarm packs in you are totally screwed, as your local alarm dealer would not be able to help, unless they can repair your original alarm. If the alarm completely packed in and needed replacing you would also have to get the immobiliser replaced.

So care for that alarm!


Its very easy to bypass the thing with a few ‘scotch’ cable connectors

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