Alarm siren - v. quiet

Hi guys,

Happy new year folks! Hope you had a good one

More fun and frolics from me

Got my dodgy wheel bearing sorted to find that the hub was also f**ked… in a big way!
So if you ever need one in a major hurry the rear hub is that of an MGF…

Further to my problems the alarm siren sounds silent… But isn’t, it’s really really really quiet

I’ve tried hitting it a couple of times with a socket but not too hard… So is there a logical way to approch this or do I just hit it harder

All fuses are OK, I can only assume it’s my dodgy earth again :confused:


I’m not sure this is a bad thing! The number of times I’ve set mine off with my head in the footwell - sends me dizzy!

Knackered siren or earth I’d say.