Alarm replacement.

Hello folks.

Finaly replaced my alarm and imob. Got a kit from dealer (Kelvedon? very nice man) it arrived in Meta box. Replacing the immob part was easy peasy, take out seats and rear bulkhead panel, then plug it in and zip tie it up. As for the main alarm control box…Ha! Says on the manual, “some access may be gained thru the radio panel”…Ha! That’s the only access, and unless you have arms like Mr Burns, you’re in big trouble. Luckily I do have boney girl arms, and could JUST get the screws out. Plugged the new box in and away we go. Fixed, job well done.

It would have taken a lot less time if I had been given the Radio removal prongs, so I spent an hour driving round town and the only ones they didn’t have to buy were Pioneer ones

I took the radio apart and got it out that way. Not ideal but hey ho. Might get an MP3 one, that takes a USB memory stick in the front, saves having Cd’s flapping around in the cabin, and I’ve got a spare 1 gig stick from work

glad you got it sorted - isn’t there any reprogramming needed then?

also i think USB solution for music is an excellent idea - if yoou can hear it in the exige

No reprogramming, just wired it all in, then put the battery back on, and off you go…The imob is paired with the control box, that’s why it’s so bloody expensive because you need the whole shebang.

You also get a set of new fobs, which you pop open and replace the innards of your keys with.