Alarm / insurance

I was told by Tesco insurance that my car is not insured for theft until I send proof that the car is fitted with an alarm/imobilisor, but the guy who was selling the car had no document, the only thing I have got is the original invoice for the car which has a labour cost on it for the fitting of an alarm. has anyone had this problem before because to pay �900 a year and not to be covered for theft is a bit steep. Can anyone suggest a good company that will insure the exige without ripping me off?
That asside the car is fantastic and I think the change from the elise was well worth it.

I got the same request from Tesco, Murray’s in Edinburgh the original supplier of the car wrote me a letter stating the alarm details and rating. Tesco’s were happy with this.


Thanks Kerry I will phone Tescos and offer them the invoice from new.

call Lotus with your vin number and they may be able to send you a letter if your plan 1 doesn’t work.

Hi there - where are you ? do you ever come to Knockhill?

I’m in Aberdeen, I’ve not been to Knockhill yet despite Uldis’ encouragement. For now I’m just enjoying the car and fixing lots of wee problems, planning on getting track wise next year.


Kerry!, you big poof!
Your car is fine, come with us to Oulton Nov 15th!

You know you want to…

so you met Uldis then…

look forward to seeing you at KH sometime…

Uldis, your a bit out of date, the car is now nearly fine thanks to Andrew W, especially now that I’m getting more than 75% throttle. WOWWWWW, much more impressive. I probably don’t need the new exhaust now…oh well.

Unfortunately he wasn’t to impressed with the tyre setup for the track (different compounds front and back). Okay on the road, but a bit tail happy as previously demonstrated. Never mind, not far off needing a new set of rears. Then I’ll think of some more excuses!!


If you want, let’s get yourself booked on the next trackday and I’ll sort out the tyre pressures for you for max traction (so you can finish them off and have the excuse to buy new ones)

Want to try a set of Kumho before I do?
Or Colway rethreads? (i’m tempted…)


Has Uldis gone too far this time??


Hey, I want to vote! How do I vote?
(need a Yes or No button)

Sorry, I couldn’t work that bit out. Just having fun!

Hmmm, let’s see…

Nice! Not looking too good for the retreads at the moment then!

Bear in mind that I’ve also voted… twice!