Morning all.

Do any of you have any pearls of wisdom regarding the following situation ;

When I initially try and start the car the immobiliser works as expected. That is the car wont start until the larger of the two buttons are pressed.

When I am driving , or letting the car idle without fail the immo will “rearm” itself after exactly 2 minutes.

What I am seeing here is the stack dash red light start to flash in the standard flash , on , off pattern. Just like it was armed.

However, the car doesnt stop running. Nor does it prevent the car starting again if I turn off the ignition and restart.

The audible alarm doesnt go off either.

The only way I can actually appear to arm the immo is by jumping out of the car , and using the large button again to lock with the CDL etc.

I have removed R4 ( the 3a ) fuse and them the alarm gets a bit shouty after 2 minutes for a sequence of beeps. I assume to tell me to be careful, someone has removed the fuse.

Any tips , or ideas?

I can’t help too much, but I’ve had CDL problems on the two Toyota engined Lotus’ that I’ve owned. Not symptoms like yours, but they’re known for causing an array of central locking/immobiliser issues as far as I know.

I’ve used this guy both times, really quick turnaround and fixes/uprates the internals. Might be worth a phone call to him to see if he’s heard of your combination of symptoms before?

Much appreciated. Ill have a poke around to see what I can find / do and then if not Ill give him a call. Its the Yorkshire man in me that prevents me calling straight away.

Just looked - I dont think its the CDL that is at fault. My doors lock and unlock as needed. I think its something to do with the immo which is a seperate unit to the CDL.

Had this when disconnecting the battery with just immobiliser active.
The alarm & immobiliser seem to get out of sync with each other or at least the led on the dash does.

Disarm both alarm & immobiliser & then wait for the led to start flashing again, disarm again & disconnect battery within 30 seconds of disarming. Leave it like this for 5 or 10 minutes, then reconnect battery.

I believe there’s some software update to stop this happening on new models, but mine been working fine since, so left it alone.

Dean , thanks very much for this. I shall try it this evening.

I have tried this a couple of times but now I had the LED flashing after 52 seconds , not 2 minutes.

Have reset it one more time and walked away now :slight_smile:

If anyone is reading this, it’s fuse 11 , a 2A one under the front inspection panel that you need to be changing.