Airfilter cleaning?

HelloSince yesterday I’m also a owner of an EXIGE and so I have been checking today the airfilter(s) and other components. So I have some questions:How can I clean the airfilter(s)?Is it made of cotton or foam?Which one (of the airfilters) could be removed and is it possible to instal a other airfilter like GREEN or K&N?thx

If you have two air filters you may still have the “resonator” fitted - which when removed along with one of the filters will release a far better running engine and noise !! The air filter is a pipercross foam cone and should be cleaned with pipercross filter cleaner and then re-oiled with the corrct pipercross filter oil, which is more sticky than oily and grabs the really fine particles. The full deatils on how to clean it are on the pipecross bottles -HTH