Aircon Slows Me Down

Hi Everyone

First of all thanks to everyone who responded to my emails, you have all been very helpful.

I have A 2001. 177 Air Con car.

It is due in for some upgrade work in a couple of weeks. Head, Cams, Veriners, Emerald etc… however the air con seems to be a real problem in that it stops me fitting some of the upgrades due to space. Items i cannot fit include an ultrabore manifold, A remote stat. and A Mocal water to oil cooler. dies anyone have any experience in removing the air con, and would anyone be able to hepl me do it. i live in leicester.

i hope the extra power this is worth all the trouble



You have to loose the aircon when you use an Emerald as it does not have the software to operate it … - Although come to think about it someone wrote on one BBS about a black box that was available to do just that … anyhow …

Phil Davies (phil) junked his aircon I think, even weighed it to convince himself and it all deatiled on his very informative website

Just been out for a spin and as usual just turned the aircon off since although it is supposedly functional its effect is barely noticeable (esp compared to my LupoGTi which will ice the windscreen!!). I really only use it on the rare occasions I am stuck in traffic. Was bloody hot in the cabin today tho

I too am considering some upgrades and may junk the aircon too, let us know what you decide.

well andy

you say the aicon is barely noticable, i take it you mean by the cooling effect and not the fact that it saps the power from the engine.

it looks as if i am going to be taking the whole lot off myself in the garage. i.e clam off engine out air con stripped…( i am trying to contact phil about this to ascertain what parts will be required, because there is lots more to the air con than just the compressor and a couple of pipes to remove… as i can see there are quite a few alterations to the cooling system aswell so looks like some modifications there)

will let you know how i get on…


Well done AndyD, that’s exactly what I told giles you’d say! I also pointed him at our man Phil and I too remembered his post. Great minds…(more yours than mine though).

Although everybody disses the (S1) Exige A/c, it does provide the vents in the dashboard, which you don’t otherwise get. So was worth having even if you junk the the (minimal) cooling effect later.


Hi Giles,
I saw I had a missed call and a voice mail, sorry for not picking it up earlier, i was doing a spot of fishing - Give me ring tomorrow, i’m on my last week of work on my current contract so haven’t got much todo


yep ! there is some effect but its more the fresh air than the real air con, as Ian saye syou get air vents ! - also an air con car gets cold in winter around your legs - most people tape up the holes down by you feet…

Performance wise the compressor when off is sapping little and kicks out when on and you floor the throttle … but it weighs a few kg and does take something from the engine output.

Your right that there is some extra pluming and alternator brackets and stuff to sort but I’m sure Phil can guide you on that.

Good luck with it - I think you make the right decision !