Aircon Pump S1 VHPD

Trying to find an aircon pump for my S1 VHPD which is being re-assembled at the moment. The original pumps are no longer available - any ideas where I can get one from?

Even if you can get the pump, you may struggle to get it to work, I’ve tried and failed to get mine to work. Pipes get cold but nothing of note comes out into the car!

Hi Gents = my belief is that any K series engine aircon pump will work - whether it be a rover 216 to an MGF F . As in the case of mine for the failure cause was the heat exchanger ( on top of the radiator was ruptured) . Hope this helps - its Rover parts bin . Yours Dave

Hi Mark
I have a pump if you are still looking

New or reconditioned, Andrew? Of you could PM that’d be good. The lads may have started reconditioning mine, I’m not 100% sure at the moment.

I removed from our Exige about 10 years ago so as was