Airbox tubing? What have people replaced their 6” hose with?

What have people replaced their factory airbox flexible tubing with on a S1 Exige?


Reverie sells it by the meter.

Excellent, thanks for that!
……not the cheapest thing is it :open_mouth: :crazy:

Nope. I felt that pain myself!

Is that the £95 one on page 38?

How does it compare to the original - is still uni-directional?

Yes thats it. What do you mean by uni directional?

This one is cut to your desired length, somit doesnt have the soft shoulders / ends without the metal spiral in the last ~8cm. So its a cow to slip over the airbox. Otherwise its effectively the same and unlikely to rust as the spiral is has a better looking coating.

As in goes in one direction, like the original. No idea how/why.