air lock in coolant

Can anyone tell me how you bleed the cooling system on the exige as ive been told i have a air lock in it?

Hi Chris.

Very easy, but you need one tool you can get in Halfords: a brake bleeder.
Get the one with a hose to a tyre. The cap will fit in the water reservoir.
This will put it under pressure. But put the hose in the tyre later, not now.

Next, there are two points to open until no bubbles come out:

-the one close to the radiator. Open the front bonnet and on the left of the car, very close to the light cluster you’ll see the hse coming out of the radiator. It has a copper bleeding screw. Just locate it and unscrew it lightly. Hold it well, you don’t want it to fall inside, otherwise you’ll have to take wheels off, and 19 screws to get at it.

-the one in the engine bay, a silver hex headed bolt in the steel pipe to the left of the engine, just before the cluster below the coils. Between the airbox and the coils.

You will have to fill up the water reservoir with coolant to replace the air in the system if you have any.

When you have located them and checked that you can undo them and with them closed still, attach the hose to the tyre and crack open the front one, wait until a constant stream of coolant comes out and close it.
Go to the rear one and do the same.
Check your coolant level to make sure you’re not pumping air in the system.

That’s all.

Ah, remember to fill up the tyre after you’re finished, it’s going to be flat.