Air intake

While looking at #68 at the show yesterday, his air intake tubing end just in front of physical hole in the bodywork (you can touch the filter/tubing from the outside of the car)Whereas mine seems to fall short and is much lower down (like 6 inches away from the hole)Has mine dropped ? Is it shorter ? (You know… the usual male paranoia)

I enquired about this during the after sales service. Mine is within one inch of the vent, but only the very top (about half an inch) of the intake hole is visible.When I asked if they could check if it was placed correctly (I assumed it should be fully lined up with the vent), they said that was how it should be. Reason is to reduce the chance of water ingress. Maybe if you still have the silver restrictor on the pipe, it is coiled up more than necessary.

If you see my engine bay (see Members Cars) I THINK my silver restrictor has been removed (I deduced this from seeing the show car yesterday)

Yep. It looks like mine. Except your intake pipe seems to be pointing down at a steeper angle. All those blue pipes that are resting on your intake are routed underneath mine (and of course mine are black not posing-blue ;-)Seems you’ve got a bit of a dilemma: Do you keep it as it is for the pose value, or try and get the pipe redirected for performance value?

quote:Originally posted by Hitch:Seems you’ve got a bit of a dilemma: Do you keep it as it is for the pose value, or try and get the pipe redirected for performance value?Performance. Any time.

Ive got a droopy one too…and I thought it was wrongly positioned…however I dont really lthink it will make much of a performance difference…its not really a ram air system is it?Maybe its been relocated lower on later models due to the problems of dirt, mud, water,etc getting to the first filter…because of the lack of front mudflaps the side of the car does get considerably splattered and I have noticed that the black intake guard gets a fair splattering as well.

The biggest worry about it’s current position is that it might be drawing hot air from the engine bay.I might try and reposition it so it’s getting more air from the vent, and keep an eye on the mud catching qualities of the filter. I have a spare filter now anyway, if it does get clogged up :slight_smile:

Having finally got around to fitting my re-con alternator today, i thought I would have a nose around at a few other things.One of them was the new air intake i ordered at the last service - this was the motorsport one that connected directly to the black grille in the bodywork. I thought I would check the air filter and see how clean it looked. I was surprised to find that it appears to be bonded into the new ducting about 4 inches down the tube from the airbox end. I couldn’t see a way of getting it out without damaging it! Anyone else have this mod and if so whats their set up with the filter?This is about the 3rd/4th different filter arrangement I have had on the car - it seems to change every time it goes for a service at LSC - previously I had a separate 2 inch section of tube that went between the filter and the ducting, the filter fitting directly onto the airbox.

Hi Steve,My motorsport ducting is attached in the same way you describe your previous fitment. In order: Black grille in bodywork, trunking adapter, trunking, 2 inch section of carbon tube, filter, airbox.Bonding the filter into the ducting seems daft to me.I actually fitted my setup myself because my dealer couldn’t figure out how to do it!

Brendan - seems bloody daft to be as well - it was fitted at LSC back in the good old days when they were at Kett Hall.How is yours attached at the grille end? I might take it all out and have a good look.

There’s an adaptor which you’re supposed to bond onto the grille, but which is a tight push-fit, so I didn’t bother bonding mine. (I actually had to open it out slightly with a file to get it to fit.) The ducting slips over the other end of the adaptor, and is held in place with a large jubilee clip.The adaptor is not very stong, and it tends to flex when you tighten the jubilee clip around it. It’s important to make sure everything is aligned properly, or it will all spring apart.

Lotus Motorsport nearly said word for word what Brendan said, 'cept that for the race series, they did not bond the adapter in any way.Considering how much time I spent getting everything mounted right, I am skeptical it will actually stay intact over a 20 min. race/session…we’ll see in 2003.

Mine was toooo short also to fit onto the outside grill, so as mentioned in a previous thread I adapted a section of twin wall aluminium to the end of mine, which is larger than the vent on the n/s arch. It didn’t need to be glued / fixed on as there seemed to be sufficient tension in the black flexible pipe (now lengthened) to stop it moving at all, besides the moulding itself felt a little fragile. - not to mention the fact I couldn’t get my bloody hand in!Phil GT