Air intake Q...

My air intake duct came off when I was driving today, I noticed the sound changing and seemed to have a bit more grunt. I’ve got my filter attached to the airbox so there was no danger of crap getting in…has anybody ever tried not attaching the duct before? And where’s the best place to get the sleeve for attaching the duct onto the filter? My one is split…


You could either buy the part from Lotus or make one up?

i wouldn’t run it without duct because it will suck HOT air in and this will be bad for power… even tho’ you said it felt like more power… my guess is that this was only because it sounded rorty…


Replacement sleeve thingy - about �10 from Lotus Motorsport Dept - phone them direct.

Engine needs cool air to perform properly - hence ducting is best drawing air in through the left hand side intake.

Is there a proper part for fitting the duct onto the side air intake?


Suggest you ask Lotus Motorsport about this too. However, I seem to recall that Uldis (& Rox?) plus a few others have made their own - watched too much “Blue Peter” when they were bairns


me n Uldis did the blue peter badge thing…

I don’t think the Motorsport part is too expensive but I didn’t want to cut ALL cool air from this side into the engine bay so I did a Heath Robinson thing with a plant pot from my Garden SHed… works a treat and lets water and stones out but directs air straight from LH duct into Air F|ilter…

Uldis used a drain pipe and, as you would expect… is a really prof job… but it uses 100% of the LH duct airflow

Motorsport Air duct adaptor LA111E0023K �29.55
Motorsport air trunking LA111E0020/2 �88.26

(Prices from a couple of years ago, when I did mine)

The standard ducting is a bit short to reach the intake, the (overpriced) ducting is easily long enough, and a bit lighter as it doesn’t have the padding of the standard item.

The intake adaptor doesn’t take 100% of the incoming air as it has a hole in the bottom to allow stones and crap to fall out. This also means that when the throttle is closed, all of the air flows into the engine bay for cooling.

Yep, flowing through all of the 1" square hole…

As Rox says, I got 2 pieces of 5" air cooling pipe from B&Q, Plastic and very light. Joined with aluminum tape and fitted to the hose by means of an adapter strip of (stiff-ish) black foam (from computer packaging, you know the one) shaved to size and glued to the air pipe.

Goes over the original scoop and uses it all. Since there is a gap because the scoop is oval and the pipe is round, water and grime can go down there and if there ever was extra air, it could flow to the engione bay and really cool the engine

But for cooling, better do the venting through the plate mods that many of us have done.

I believe that attaching the in-take directly to the left-hand hole drives up the noise level.


Yep, drive-by on the left side (trumpet resonation), but you feel the engine smoother.

Anyone got any pictures of these mods please or the motorsport ducting?


You tried a search, I seem to remember some in the past?