Air filter / Induction problems

My local dealers car, and my car both needed replacement filters + induction pipework before being sold… Anyone else had this ?

Is this a recall? Did the dealer know about it or was it something you found out and told them about?A question for the group is have there been any recalls yet?

My dealer pointed it out before I collected the car (and cured it before I took possession)Not sure if it’s a recall or just a common problem…[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 17 October 2000).]

what exactly is the problem?

They didn’t go into too much detail, although I will enquire when I speak to them next. I guess the servicing dept. don’t give the sales dept. the full run-down of the problem and just say "We need need to change air filters over, the engines running badly"From what I heard, the cars just ran like dogs.I notice the car uses 2 cone filters … I wonder whether 1 would suffice and thereby aid breathing )hehe, of the car that is)

As part of the mod to remove the guvernor on the air intake (that strangles the engine at certain revs), they took off one of the cone filters as well as all of the silver gubbins.They thought I was taking the p*ss when I asked if the servicing would be cheaper now they only have to replace one filter.Haven’t been contacted about any recalls, so I think they’ll do this mod if asked, or at the next service.

How did you find the performance after that modification ?

A little better, but it only had just over 1000 miles on it, so was still a bit tight.Main improvement was that it would rev all the way through the range without hitting a brick wall around 3500-4000rpm.Main thing is to get the mod done, get the throttle checked, and see what it’s like after a couple of thousand miles.With mine, it doesn’t really start accelerating hard until after 3000rpm. If I sit at around 4-5000 in 2nd, I can overtake without there seeming to be any lag at all. Only problem is watching you don’t hit the rev limiter, which can be a little disconcerting when there’s a truck coming towards you :slight_smile: