Air Conditioning Problem

Anyone have ac issues on hot days. I am in NC and when its 100 the AC doesnt blow too well at all. It only happens when its really hot out.

it does not get hot here so mine works fine :slight_smile:

are we talking s1 or s2? if an s2 what year?

exige s 2007

No problem with mine (Exige S) here in Singapore. Summer all year round with average temperatures of 30-34 degrees celsius.

My only problem is the factory put one in when I asked them not to
That said, it works a lot better than the heater. Have someone check the refrigerant level/pressure as it may have a leak.

you’ll thank them when you flog it

There were a few problems known to effect the ac, it sounds similar to a problem I had with my 54 plate car but it shouldnt effect 07 models and it was to do with the sensor in the ac core being in the wrong spot so would let it freeze up. The result was poor airflow therefore poor performance of the ac unit untill it thawed out.
Others have had loose wires on both compressors and interior switches etc and im sure somewhere ive read about the compressor shutting off if it gets too hot but that is only a dim memory.
Hope thats a help.