Air-con valve

Have you put that valve into the heater circuit yet,Rick.I would be interested to know your opinion.I went to a track evening at Cadwell yesterday and the air-con worked really well on the journey there +back even though outside air-temp was 24 or so.

If either of you have pics I’d be interested.

Cheers, Ian

Hi fella (it’s Simon met at NYLOC)

I was going to do it but someone posted caution about interupting the flow out of the heater matrix and any consequential contribution to HGF?

I’m off on a big scotland trip next weekend so was thinking of sorting it this week.

Just had the aircon recharged and on a 50m journey yesterday it barely kept the cabin off the boil.

What do ‘we’ reckon???

I have just put a valve on mine and the a/c is working better than it ever has before, also just done a trackday at anglesey and car was running at normal temp all day

did you put it on the outgoing? hose above/side of the battery?

I did think about using a hose clamp while i got chance to do a neat job???

I put my valve on the top(outlet)hose and it works fine.I used clamps on each side to reduce coolant loss.

Sorry I got your name wrong.Overall Ive had no probs but for a track day it might be best to have the valve so coolant can flow as normal.