Air Con repair

Well, my super efficient air con packed up in summer & it’s taken me a while to get it sorted.

The system had lost & was continuing loosing refrigerant after a week or so following a re-fill. The problem was eventually traced to a perforated pipe, which runs fore-aft in the drivers cill. These pipes were originally aluminium. Replacements are rubber (or at least rubber coated), & are not cheap. I dunno when the production line started fitting this type. Thankfully the connections at the rear of the car were sound, otherwise rear replacement pipes are needed as well (also not cheap). Surprise surprise the rear pipes are on back order, so thank god i avoided that one.

Apparently its a ‘known problem’, but i’ve never come accross it before, has anyone else?

BTW, collect the car again tomorrow, after a week off the road…can’t wait

Cost of the repair?..don’t ask


Its not happened to mine but it really p1sses me off that Lotus expect the customer to get there hand in the pocket to fix a design fault, which has been rectified in later models.


Lotus does apprarently contribute to some repairs after the two year warranty, but only for 9 months or so, so i didn’t qualify Maybe if it had been something major it would have been different