Air-con condenser and fans

Does anyone know (or better still have a picture of) how the fans are attached to the air-con condenser? Only mine were attached by screwing through the condenser and I’m not 100% certain if that’s how they are supposed to be attached.

Thanks in advance

I’ve just pulled all the A/C gubbins out of my car, i’ll try to grab a photo of the rad later today.

You’re right, the fans are bolted to the condenser via bolts straight through it, changed a pair on mine years ago, good hey…

Thanks. Well it looks like I’ll have to make up another bracket to fix another a bodge!





It’s just bolted through, hope that helps…

Thanks Dral. I guess it would appear that the official way is to indeed screw through the condenser

Ash…I have some core fixings at the workshop if you need them…
oh … and your head light!

Not more damage to the poor old girl

No, more repairs due to the previous owner!

Cheeky git!

No, more repairs due to the previous owner!