Two 101 year old women are still driving in the UK despite having penalty points on their licence in the last 3 years !! (as as 2/3/12) :whistle:

Fair play. I wonder what they’re driving?

It won’t be a an Exige or Elise 'cos Angela Lansbury can’t get in or out of one , and she’s younger!!! :wink:

Getting in is fairly easy for anyone…it’s the getting out when the fun begins :smiley:

Aye, its not pretty when you squash your colostomy bag against the sill is it Dad - that picture will stay with me forever

Welcome back Russ :smiley:

Cheers Andy :smiley:

PS just sorned the Exige again! LOL

[quote=RussT]Cheers Andy :smiley:

PS just sorned the Exige again! LOL [/quote]

Thanks :blush:

Thank goodness it was the sill of your Gallardo :wink: Or perhaps I didn’t tell you about that one…

I’m wetting myself again !!!

I’m an expert at avoiding such disasters…but now I’ve lost the bag and sold the car!

Dad your car always made the Lambo look like Poo Orange so it must have blended in…

Uncle Mike - I was sad when I heard you had flogged the car but I understand at your age it must have been harder to get in and out although those chimneys in the engine cover must have helped get rid of the smell…