Aeroquip Hose fittings

Ok, How the hell do you fit these things without knackering the braid on the pipe ?

Well if I had that problem I’d start by asking either you or AndyD.


Good luck!


First time making themself - I want to get those jenveys on


See here for instructions.
Hope it helps. The first hose assembly is always the worst - you just think its all going to go wrong!

As long as you have a vice you’ll be OK


Thanks Mike

Good news is the first one is now done !!! - Just wasn’t applying enough pressure on it to engaged the threads

As long as you have a vice you’ll be OK

Don’t worry, he’s got plenty of vices!!!


Too late Andy, Mr Niven out did himself - diagrams and all!

I hope you have the right lube at hand phil.


Yes thanks

SAE 30