Aero : Arch vents

I understand the theory about arch vents for reducing drag and decreasing lift.

Is there some mad science though for the placement of said vents? Specifically above the front wheel

On the top of the arches. But depends on how precious you are of the your bodywork/windscreen.

And how friendly/unfriendly your MOT guy is.


Assume from stones on the windscreen @JDS?

Bodywork - pfffft. Its no garagequeen

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Whats the reason for this? Could hurt a pedestrian in a collision?

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You shouldn’t be able to see the tyres from above.
Although that’s more for the sticky out the side type, of see the tyres from above! Remember the cigar advert from the 70’s? Panama Cigars - Carlos Fandango Wheels - YouTube

Ah! Interesting. So in theory if I create some “blockers” for the view for MOT time I could scrape through …

Just some tape would do it!

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I’m assuming you’re thinking the same as a TVR Sagaris… Before they filled the gaps as they kept breaking windscreens.

I am thinking more like these :


Only reason being is I want to reduce the turbulence in the front wheel well.

BatKid on Instagram has this…

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tvr did it with the sagaris out the factory. if you mesh it behind it would be fine. the later sagaris had them filled in as they were cracking too many screens with the stones that came throu