Advice, Rear Toe Link brace.


The next mod on my list is to uprate the Rear Toe links. I’ll probably go for the Lotus Sport one but am I right in thinking there’s two differant types?


Yes, There is the ‘production line’ version fitted to all ‘S’ models as standard @ �300 + fitting etc, or the lotus sport version (far better made) for about �475ish + fitting etc. the latter is stainless steel IIRC.

I should add that you retain the original toe links, with the mod being a brace bar joining the two links IYSWIM

I’ve got the Lotus sport setup but have gone through 2 sets of rear heim joints so far… Sector111 offers a nice replacement for half the price…

I’ve got the sector 111 RTB brace. Very happy with it although it does replace the toe links with fabricated rather than machined links, and they aren’t quite centered as you roll them over to adjust the length. Not an issue, just an observation.

Know of one person with the Lotus Sport kit that have had to replace joints within a year.

Has anybody successfully sourced alternative spherical joints (with boots) from a supplier other than Lotus? If so, would you please give spec and supplier.

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know if the S needs an upgrade? I suspect it is just the same as the N/A so it might be time for me to upgrade these as well…


Lotus mentioned it to me when I was talking about going to slicks etc.

Haven’t bothered yet - does anyone know what to look for in terms of potential failure or do they just go ?


So does that mean we do or don’t have the upgrade?

Good question ?

I believe the Exige S has the std brace not the Lotus Sport one but I could be wrong - which I am sure someone will be pleased to tell me

I have the std S brace fitted to my NA and as Frank and UFO’s mate have found the rubber in the spherical joint where it fixes to the bar perished. I don’t know how long they lasted as 2nd owner but i’m guessing as the previous owner had had the bar fitted it must be 2 min in 15k.
Asking my local dealer he reckoned one customer was replacing every 7k. I think they were about �185 inc vat for the pair, although the real pain was the 21 day backorder wait.
My symptoms were increased understeer/general lack of turn in-ability and the car drifting about on the mway (and the garage told me when it was in lol).
I had put this down to old tires, as it got gradually worse. I did 3 trackdays on knackered ones, so it aint too bad.

Good question ?

I believe the Exige S has the std brace not the Lotus Sport one but I could be wrong - which I am sure someone will be pleased to tell me

Correct, as per my earlier post

“So does that mean we do or don’t have the upgrade?”


The S has a brace between the two inboard mounts, the N/A does not therefore possibly more prone to failure if used hard on track.

I check the torque on the heim/rose joint mount bolts (ball joint on the N/A) every 2nd track day and last time found the LHS needed about 1/2 turn to bring it back to 50Nm torque…my local track is predominantly RH bends.

The Lotus sport brace, as fitted to 240r & cup cars, is just a bit fancier than the simple S brace…but does the same thing IMHO.

Check the mounting torque though.

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Thanks for the advice, I won’t bother with the upgraded on on offer on Seloc at the moment then

I believe all exiges now leave the factory with the toe brace. On the advice of my dealer (HHC - recommended btw) I got the Lotus sport version, on the basis that it is a superior piece of kit