Advice please....

Hi folks. New here, so would appreciate your advice!Finally in a position where I can buy an Elise 1, but what I REALLY want is an Exige. The trouble is if I go for an Exige it would have to be my only car (money and all that, don’t you know!). So my question is, from your experience is it feasible to run the Exige as your primary (only) car? I can put up with a certain amount of discomfort :slight_smile: but apart from that would I be able to use it day in and day out - reliability, drivability etc…Many thanks.

I use my Exige every day as my primary car. We have got a Saab and that gets used for ferrying kids and shopping. I have done something like 4500 miles in Exige since beginning of April and it has never missed a beat. Lack of space is not such a problem you just carry the essentials. My briefcase just fits into the boot space. Grille in rear perspex lets in water if it rains, so anything you don’t want to get wet that goes in boot has to be covered with a bin liner.As far as I am concerned that is the only down side of the car!Every thing else is plus side. Car gets attention where ever it goes. It is great fun to drive. Trouble is because it is such fun to drive you tend to drive it more. If you want to know why we have Exiges here is a test for you.On a test drive take an Exige up to 80 MPH in 5th gear, then drop it down to 4th gear and floor the accelerator pedal - after doing that you’ll never want another car! and if that does’nt do anything for your senses check your heart cos it’s probably broken.[This message has been edited by Tone (edited 03 June 2002).]

Thanks Tone, I think that’s all the persuasion I needed [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

Go on - it will be the best car you have ever owned - you only live once - so live it to the full!!!Good luck

I used to find stuff in the ‘boot’ got wet, and at first I though it was due to the vents in the top of the engine cover. I then found that water was getting in where the drainage pipe attaches at the bottom of the engine cover. I got that sealed, and now things in the ‘boot’ don’t get wet any more.There you go, not even one downside [image][/image]Seriously, I have no doubts about using the Exige as every day transport. I’ve done 9000 miles in mine now.

I think you’ve told me what I already knew - gotta get one!!! Thanks guys…

20,000 muiles in eleven months and still grinnin!!!Oulton Park yesterday - top day out, great circuit for the car and nothing fell off - not even me.Go on buy it you know you need one!!!Mike

Tis my only car too, everything from shopping to track days, go get one [image][/image]

Risk - I’ve had my Exige for 2 weeks and it is my only car. I originally purchased a VX220 last year (I was, like you, worried about the practicality of the Exige - i.e the lack of a proper boot, but like a comment on a Jeremy Clarkson Video - “its got a small boot…what are you a geography teacher?”, I soon saw sense and got the Exige - no regrets - just do it. [image][/image]