Advice on buying EXIGE please!

“Hurry up Dominic … alright alright” - think Italian Job … Sorry … Funny enough I also almost bought a BRG Elise Motorsport - its what first caught my eye sitting on Paul Mattys forecourt.The following thoughts went through my head:- Resale value - Who would want to buy it in the future - small market- It only had std engine - so big bills for VHPD or something similar ( didnt think Honda at the time)- Damage was going to be crazy cost ( CF vs Fibreglass panels)- Insurance - maybe not a problem but you never know - at least the Exige is now a “future classic” and in my case company car driving and lapsed NCB ment no NCB [image][/image]- Was only 18.5K though …Still think a proper Exige is gonna hold up best and has all the right bits (mostly !)Just my thoughts …Hey - you should have taken the white mini - it was quicker [image][/image]

Cheers Miniman!I had the same thoughts about re-sale etc…Will keep on looking for the real thing!

quote:Originally posted by Dominic:Will keep on looking for the real thing! Have you seen the one here?

Thanks Pesky!Called about it. No aircon, and that purple doesnt do much for me. Was in Bristol today though, and past Williams Dealer there. Stopped and looked at a nice Motorsport in Black, one owner 3,500m for 23K. Nice but Im still gonna keep looking for the “Real Thing” !!!

For that money, pay the extra andget Davids TT260 one ! [image][/image] Bri

DomThat black one in williams has been there for months - I loked at it when I bought mine back in May !!

Davids sounds just what Im looking for I have too say!!! Not sure about all that power though!!! my budgets only 25K! [image][/image] Will keep looking, or wait and see if David reduces!! Then I may call to have a look! [image][/image]